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Rich & Alison

Owners and Instructors

At Stevens Music Studio, we believe this gift of music comes from our most creative Creator.  It touches the whole person - mind, body and soul like nothing else can. And our desire is to help equip people to be able to express themselves through this amazing artform.  We offer a wide array of musical focuses - weekly lessons, piano theory instruction, advanced genre stylization, vocal coaching, song writing, music production and more.  

We take a look at the parents' and student's goals, and work to meet those desires.  Each student learns differently and has unique strengths.  Our approach to learning incorporates a mixture of classics and student choice songs and includes a solid foundation in keyboard technic, ear training, sight reading and theory, all crafted around the needs of the student.

Your first lesson is free, an opportunity for us to meet face to face, answer questions and for you to get a feel for our studio community.  

Take a look around, get to know Rich & Alison, and contact us to book your lesson time today!

Co - Owner

Piano, Programming, Songwriting &
Production Instructor, Band Director

Co - Owner

Piano & Songwriting Instructor, 

Vocal Performance Coach

Choir & Band Director