Spring Showcase

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(or at least make a note in your calendar)

Weekend of May 14-16 

Showcase is open to all students!

Registration Deadline:  All students are automatically registered

Every showcase is a fun, family oriented time of celebrating our students.  This years theme is TBA.  Each student receives a certificate of participation, and we highlight their achievements, evaluations and opportunities in which they have participated.  Family and friends are always welcome; we will give specifics once a venue is secured, especially if there is any limitation due to COVID guidelines.

All students are automatically registered for Showcase.  We've given the date range so you can keep an eye on that weekend.  Once the specific date and time is set, if for some reason you cannot be a part of our studio wide showcase, please let us know.  

SSACC Evaluations

Thursday, February 4, 2021 by Alison Stevens | Uncategorized

SSACC Evaluations open to students with six months or more of lessons

SSACC is a FREE opportunity this year!

Registration Deadline:  Friday, February 26

SSACC stands for Sight-reading, Scales, Arpeggios, Chords and Cadences. Here's how SSACC works:
  • This years event will be virtual - from the comfort of your home
  • Students will be assigned a 15 minute time slow with another MAG teacher 
  • Students will play the level appropriate Scales, Arpeggios, Cadences and Chords we have been working on all year in lessons
  • Students will sight read one piece of music
  • MAG Teacher will evaluate the student, and send the form to the parents wit valuable technic, skill and performance feedback

Register for SSACC through your student portal - go to the calendar and click on the March 27 event.  You will be emailed a confirmation of your registration, and be contacted by your evaluator to set up your time and receive virtual instructions/information.  

Feel free to call, text, email or talk to us at your child's lesson with questions!

See you at lessons!

Rich & Alison