Fall Enrollment - My Friend & Me

Thursday, July 23, 2020 by Alison Stevens | Uncategorized

So much is different.  

Daily life is different.  Going out to eat is different.  Going to the grocery store is different.  School will be different.  

So, we've been working hard to make 'different' as normal as possible through our online lessons.  Keeping schedules consistent, students engaged, learning fun and progress ongoing.  Giving our students something  to  look forward to and feel successful in has been our goal these past four months, and continues to be moving into the school year!  

If you're already taking lessons with us, thank you.  It's a privilege being a part of your students musical journey.  We're looking forward another great season together.  

If you're not yet enrolled, we've got a place for your musician.  Contact us for a free trial lesson!

For everyone, we'd like to offer our 'My Friend & Me' promotion. You & a friend sign up for individual lessons, and you BOTH receive a $25 credit after the first month!  (Current students, encourage a friend to register for lessons, and you'll both receive a $25 credit after the first month!) 

We'd love to have your students (& their friends!) as part of the Stevens' Music Studio family!  

You can reply to this email for more information, or contact us here: 

https://www. stevensmusicstudio.com/ Contact-us

Together, we'll make different a great experience!

See you at lessons,

Mr. Rich & Mrs. Alison