First Day of Piano Camp Recap

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 by Alison Stevens | Uncategorized

The first day is under our belts and it went GREAT!  

Today, we discussed:

  • Inspiration - what things inspire you?
  • The four elements of duration, timbre, pitch and dynamics and how to use them to convey an idea, a word picture, an emotion or a sound through music
  • Motive's and Themes in music, and we did some listening to a few classics to find  them.  We even had a student volunteer to play one of the for us!  Woohoo!
  • Proper notation - how to write a note on the staff - note heads and stems, length and direction of stems, spacing within a measure and more

And, we had creative time to put these things into practice by choosing an inspiration and writing a motive or a theme using the elements of music we discussed to communicate that theme on the piano.

WHEW!!!  That's a lot!!  

For tomorrow:

  • If you have an iPad or tablet you can download the free version of garage band on, do it and bring it!  Headphones, too :)
  • Bring a snack
  • Come ready for another day of learning, creating and fun!!!

See you in the morning 9:00am SHARP!  

Rich & Alison