Family Music Night

Monday, October 31, 2016 by Alison Stevens | Uncategorized

Sign up through your student portal on our website.  Once logged in, go to December 3 on the calendar, click on the event and click 'Register'.  Individual students performance selections will be discussed during lessons.  Friends & family are welcome to attend. 

If additional friends and family outisde of your immediate family will be joining us, please send us an email with the number in your party.  We want to be sure to have enough seating and refreshments for everyone!

November Practice Challenge!

Monday, October 31, 2016 by Alison Stevens | Uncategorized

November Practice Challenge!

Log your practice time every day for the month of November.  We’re using the ‘honor system’ so be as accurate as possible!  At our December Family Music Night, we’ll announce the winner(s)!

Grand Prize is a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!

  1. Go to

  1. In the log in box to the right, enter your email address and password.  Not sure what your password is?  Click ‘Forgot my password’ and follow the prompts.  (If you continue to have problems logging in, please contact us!)

  1. Once logged in, click on ‘Practice Log’.  

  1. Click ‘Add Time’.

  1. Fill in the form and click ‘Save’.

You’re done...for today!  Do this every time you practice!  You’ll be able to see your total practice time for the week and month immediately.  We’ll give updates each week!  

And while you’re logged in, take a look around.  Everything you need to stay informed about studio happenings, what’s going on in lessons, assignments, billing, etc is at your fingertips!