NFMC Festival Piano Solo and Theory Evaluations

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National Federation of Music Clubs Festival 

April 9-10 - In Person Piano Solo & Theory Evaluations  for Advanced Students

Piano Solo Video Submission:  Lower levels ($20)

Online/Email Written Theory Evaluation:  Lower Levels ($10)

Festival is open to all students!

Registration Deadline:  Friday, February 26

NFMC (Federation) Festival is a wonderful event for artists of all kinds - strings, voice, piano and more.  Federation also offered contests in poetry, essay writing and piano composition, which we will encourage next season!

  • This years event for our level of students be the video submission and online/email version. 
  • All students will begin to work on one NFMC approved piece this month, even if they choose not to participate in the evaluation
  • ALL STAR Day is GREAT preparation for anyone participating in Federation Theory Evaluations!
  • Here's the fun part - ALL participation in Federation events earn points toward TROPHIES (cups) for students!

Register for Federation Festival through your student portal - go to the calendar and click on the April 9-10 event(s) and click 'register'.  You will be emailed one invoice for the total of Federation events you register for. (MAX $30 per student - $10 theory and $20 Piano solo.)  You do NOT have to register for both events, although we encourage students to do so.

SSACC Evaluations

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SSACC Evaluations open to students with six months or more of lessons

SSACC is a FREE opportunity this year!

Registration Deadline:  Friday, February 26

SSACC stands for Sight-reading, Scales, Arpeggios, Chords and Cadences. Here's how SSACC works:
  • This years event will be virtual - from the comfort of your home
  • Students will be assigned a 15 minute time slow with another MAG teacher 
  • Students will play the level appropriate Scales, Arpeggios, Cadences and Chords we have been working on all year in lessons
  • Students will sight read one piece of music
  • MAG Teacher will evaluate the student, and send the form to the parents wit valuable technic, skill and performance feedback

Register for SSACC through your student portal - go to the calendar and click on the March 27 event.  You will be emailed a confirmation of your registration, and be contacted by your evaluator to set up your time and receive virtual instructions/information.  

Feel free to call, text, email or talk to us at your child's lesson with questions!

See you at lessons!

Rich & Alison

Lessons on Martin Luther King Day!

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There may be NO school tomorrow (Monday-MLK Day), but there ARE lessons!  See you at the studio at your regular lesson times!